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baby when i used to love you

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the other day while i was pinning (i’m seriously addicted, it’s bad) i came across one that said something along the lines of you should never reward yourself with food, because that’s a key killer of successfully losing and keeping weight off if you’re trying. from that point, it suggested having milestone weight loss points at which you have certain things that you really want or need that you instead reward yourself with - which i think is a great idea. think about it: when you really do need a new pair of jeans because you know your current pair is going to rip within a few more wears, it really motivates you to work hard to lose that weight, because in addition to the satisfaction of that weight loss, you know you’re getting something else out of it that you truly need. i’ve decided to adapt this method, because i need something real and tangible to motivate me right now. also, i think this will be good for me because when i know i have things i need to buy in the future, it’ll prevent me from spending money on things i don’t need…which has been a problem this summer haha. and also, this plan isn’t meant to be fully accomplished fast; i want to lose this weight at a healthy rate, which could ultimately take a couple years, and i’m fine with that, as long as it happens healthily and i’m happy. so this is what my gameplan looks like:

10 pounds - Kimchi Blue Ornate Lady Satchel in Brown from Urban Outfitters (i really need a new bag…one of the straps on my current one is going to fall apart very soon)
20 pounds - BC Footwear Kitten Heel Pump in Multi Floral from Urban Outfitters (these shoes are ADORABLE and i have no heels, so these little heels are a perfect transition shoe for me to get used to the height)
30 pounds - Lomography 35MM Fisheye Camera in Yellow from Urban Outfitters (i’ve always wanted a fisheye camera, and i know people who have this one and love it)
40 pounds - a haircut; a nice one, and maybe something new i haven’t tried before? this can be whittled down further in the future for what exactly it’ll entail
50 pounds - BDG Cigarette High Rise Jeans from Urban Outfitters (i’ll definitely need new pants at this milestone to fit into!)

yes there is a big trend in the things i’m rewarding myself with…haha they are all basically from urban outfitters. this is mostly because i get a fantastic employee discount from working at anthropologie that is effective at urban as well, since they are partner companies.

with all this written down, it’s becoming more real and making me more motivated to really accomplish my goals, which is exactly what i want.

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tonight’s dinner: a massive bowl of lettuce, one avocado cut up, and a scoop of chicken salad. so surprisingly tasty.

on a related note, i struggled so much cutting that avocado

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shopping list for the rest of the summer (must stick to this; buy no more, no less):

  • floral heels from Nordstrom’s
  • shorts
  • jeans (~2 pairs)

if i don’t make this list somewhere, i know i’ll go crazy and overspend. and then i’ll be broke and will never regain my saving habits.

sometimes i just need a break from real people and need to see funny pictures on the internet to regain my faith in humanity. real people suck sometimes.

texts from dog is quite possibly the greatest tumblr that exists

texts from dog is quite possibly the greatest tumblr that exists

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This turtle is bad at tomato. [video]

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people need to chill the fuck out.